Attività all’aperto


  Kitesurfing is a sailing sport born in 1999 as a variant of surfing. Unlike windsurfing, it can also be practiced with weak winds, allowing tricks, accelerations and speed. You can practice this thrilling sportContinua a leggere

Horseback riding

Umbrian sceneries seem created specifically for those who want to flee from city noises and finally relax in the countryside, maybe riding on a horse along quiet paths deep in the green. Riding itineraries areContinua a leggere


Those who love to feel the thrill in the outdoors can choose between two startling rafting itineraries in Umbria: descending from Serravalle to Norcia on the river Corno, or sail along the river Nera startingContinua a leggere


Umbria is the perfect region for all hiking lovers. Inside the Colfiorito Park, for instance, you can hike through the Castelliere itinerary, a 4 km scenic route overlooking the plateaus of Colfiorito that will letContinua a leggere


Pedaling in a deep forest, climbing up high in the mountains to enjoy the scenery or passing through olive groves and medieval villages – you can do all of this in Umbria. The old railwayContinua a leggere


Umbria offers many facilities where you can practice this thrilling outdoor activity. Colfiorito, Monte Pennino, Castelluccio di Norcia, Tre Pizzi Monte Gemmo and Monte Subasio are all equipped for paragliding. You can both contact facilitiesContinua a leggere


Driving a quad bike is another incredible experience that you can live in Umbria. UmbriaQuad arranges tours on the Lake Trasimeno shores, while Valle del Menotre Outdoor & Fun will let you explore the MenotreContinua a leggere


  Another relaxing activity to practice in Umbria is fishing, thanks to the number of stunning sites where you can enjoy such an amazing sport. Here you can go fly-fishing, carp fishing or even anglingContinua a leggere