Ceri di Gubbio 15 Maggio

The Festa dei Ceri takes place every year on May 15th in Gubbio, at the eve of St Ubaldo’s day, patron saint of the city. However, the word ceri (meaning “candle”) doesn’t really describe theseContinua a leggere

Perugia 1416 9-10-11 Giugno 2017

Perugia 1416 is a historical revival of the period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when the image of a new society becomes the model for an orderly social development, thanks to the economicContinua a leggere

Palio de San Michele

The Palio di San Michele Arcangelo in Bastia Umbra begins in 1962with its first edition to celebrate the consecration of the new church to the patron saint of this lively Umbrian town. The then parishContinua a leggere