Corsa dell’Anello dal 24 Aprile al 14 Maggio 2017, Narni

«Madonne, Cavalieri et lo populo tucto» Ladies, Gentlemen and all the people – this is the opening announcement of the Corsa all’Anello, a medieval joust held in Narni every year from the last week of April to the second Sunday of May, which is the actual joust day. This event finds its origin in the celebrations for the patron saint of Narni, St Giovenale, on June 3. On the Saturday before the joust, the town plunges back in the Middle Ages: a suggestive historical procession parades along the streets lit by torches, with more than 600 people in medieval clothes, musicians, Municipal Courts, the “Pope” and the terzieri (quarters) appearing in the order of arrival of the previous year’s race. The first edition of the current format of Corsa all’Anello dates back to 1969. Narni is divided in three quarters called terzieri: Merzule, Fraporta and Santa Maria; each one of them has its own stable where horses are trained, and a costume workshop where all the clothes for the parades and shows are tailored. Each terziere takes part in the joust with three horses and their riders; the joust is run by two horses for every round. After three rounds, the winners face each other in a final round that will declare the “Best Horseman”. The aim of the joust is to catch a suspended ring with a spear; the ring is automatically released from its support as soon as one of the riders gets it. The winning terziere will keep the silver ring until the following edition and will open the final parade. The prize for the winners is a silk banner corresponding to the value of three pounds of gold, which amounts approximately to 20 Cortona coins. While enjoying the joust, you can taste typical dishes in the enchanting medieval setting of the hosterie, which are taverns directly run by the terzieri’s staff, thus giving your support to the organization of this wonderful event.