Fishing in Umbria


Another relaxing activity to practice in Umbria is fishing, thanks to the number of stunning sites where you can enjoy such an amazing sport.

Here you can go fly-fishing, carp fishing or even angling and spinnerbait fishing.

The River Nera is a heaven for fly-fishing, as you can find long traits to practice catch and release with beautiful fario trouts and other salmonids.

Carpfishing can be practiced in numerous lakes, for instance on the Lake Trasimeno, Corbare, Alviano, Piediluco, Fiorenzuola and even on the Tiber, where big cyprinids thrive all along its stream. Very popular fishing techniques are also angling and legering – in Umbertide you can find a renowned fishing tournament area for international competitions. Chiascio and Topino are two other rivers where fishing can be practiced in many forms.

Lakes Trasimeno and Piediluco are definitely the best spots to go spinnerbait fishing, thanks to the presence of big pikes and black bass.

Other freshwater fish species that you can find in Umbria are:

bleaks, eels, various barbel species, crucian carps, carps, European chubs, brook chubs, South European nases, pikes, zanders, European perches, black basses, catfish, common ruds, wels catfish, graylings, tenches, brown trouts, rainbow trouts.

Fishing in Umbria is permitted to all possessors of a national type B fishing licence.