Rafting in Umbria

Those who love to feel the thrill in the outdoors can choose between two startling rafting itineraries in Umbria: descending from Serravalle to Norcia on the river Corno, or sail along the river Nera starting directly from the Marmore’s Falls.

Rafting Umbria”, a society located in Serravalle di Norcia, manages the itinerary on the river Corno. They offer two different routes, which both last appr. 2 hours for 7 km of stunning sceneries and exciting activity.

Rafting Marmore”, on the other hand, manages rafting on the river Nera. The path winds for over 3 km and offers different difficulty levels, all suitable even for beginners. The starting point of this amazing journey is itself an astonishing experience, being located right under the Marmore’s Falls, the tallest waterfall in Europe.

Both societies provide their customers with all the theoretical and technical equipment they will need to enjoy such a thrilling activity.