Umbria Green Heart

There are many good reasons to call Umbria “The green heart of Italy”: a great part of its area is take up by lush parks and reserves, making this region a true natural sanctuary where local plant and animal life are carefully preserved. Lake Trasimeno, Colfiorito, Nera and Mount Subasio are only the main parks to be found here, together with a part of the Sibillini Mountains national park. Lake Trasimeno Park covers the whole lake area and holds a wide variety of plant and animal species, especially freshwater fish and migratory birds nesting on its thriving rushes. Similarly, Colfiorito Park is a flourishing wetland housing a huge diversity of bird species. The Nera Park expands along the stream-like river Nera; here, the erosion caused by the water flow created magnificent gorges in the wild. Mount Subasio Park overlooks the city of Assisi and is therefore a proper testimony of the Franciscan world; among the various plant and animal species thriving here, you might observe specimens of wolf and golden eagle. The Sibillini Mountains National Park is the widest park in Umbria and extends over the region borders, in the Marche territory; the immense biodiversity of this beautiful area includes even wolves and a few, rare specimens of brown bear.