Spello’s Infiorate dal 10 al 18 Giugno 2017

Spello’s Infiorate is a religious and artistic event that takes place in the charming town of Spello to celebrate the Corpus Domini feast. On this day, the fascinating alleys and delightful squares of Spello are paved with gorgeous flower carpets representing religious and sacred themes, which not only show the artistry of the “infioratori”, but also become a suggestive frame for the following religious procession. Inspired by sacred images, famous artworks and their own fantasy, each year the people of Spello cover about 1.5 km with these amazing flower carpets.

This traditional event on the day of Corpus Domini began in the early 20th century. The tradition says that a woman composed an exquisite picture with flowers on the street. This wonderful artwork struck the people of Spello so much that they wanted to imitate and outdo her work; so the Infiorate began, growing each year with more and more complex and majestic works and a richer prize, thanks to sponsors.

The finest flower creations receive cash prizes and the group that created the best infiorata wins the coveted “Properzio Award”, a precious small statue representing the famous Latin poet that is kept until the following year’s Infiorata.

This event has been organised for over 40 years by the “Pro Spello” association and lately by the association “Le Infiorate di Spello”.