Orvieto in Fiore dal 2 al 4 Giugno 2017, Orvieto

Orvieto in Fiore is the event that colours the districts of the city on Pentecost. The partition of the city took place in the 15th century, dividing it regularly into four districts starting from the crossroads under the Torre del Moro tower:

  • Corsica, or Santa Pace on the side of Piazza del Popolo;
  • Olmo, or Piazza San Giovenale;
  • Serancia, comprehending Sant’Andrea and San Giovanni churches;
  • S. Maria della Stella, or Postierla. 

    The division into districts is now used for events such as the Staffetta dei Quartieri (the Relay of the Districts on Corpus Christi day), which was created bearing in mind the path that the Holy Shroud of the Eucharistic Miracle covered from Bolsena to Orvieto. The race is meant to represent Faith, “that goes fast and safe as the translation of the Relics”. On this occasion, men and boys parade in a historical procession, women and girls take part in the Ladies parade, while others form the group of the common people or participate in the religious procession, and athletes run the relay race.