Perugia 1416 13-14-15-16 Giugno 2019

Perugia 1416 is a historical revival of the period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when the image of a new society becomes the model for an orderly social development, thanks to the economic boom and an extraordinary artistic development which spread throughout Europe.
This event was born in 2016, on the sixth centenary of the beginning of the Lordship of Braccio Fortebraccio from Montone on the city of Perugia, upon his victory of the Battle of Sant’Egidio in the July 12th, 1416. First and last lord of the city, Fortebraccio left his mark thanks to the construction of the palace between Perugia’s cathedral and the bishop’s palace, the consolidation of Piazza del Sopramuro and the clearing of Lake Trasimeno’s swamps.
Perugia 1416 involves five town districts named after the five old town gates: Porta Eburnea, Porta Santa Susanna, Porta S. Pietro, Porta Sant’Angelo and Porta Sole.
During this fascinating revival many exciting events take place, such as a historical parade, a javelin tournament and the “drape race” (a speed contest where runners for each quarter have to deliver a drape to the end point before the other competitors). Finally, the competition is closed by the game “The tower move”, where districts face each other two by two in an elimination challenge based on strategy, physical strength and team work.