Gubbio 1 day

Our tour of Gubbio starts from the main town square, Piazza Grande: here, the majestic Palazzo dei Consoli, the symbol of this city, overlooks the square. Once the ancient centre of the city authorities during the Middle Ages, Palazzo dei Consoli now houses the city museum and the Eugubine Tables, one of the most significant evidences of the Italic populations living here (3rd-2nd century b.C.). The Cathedral of Gubbio is consecrated to the saints Mariano and Giacomo and contains masterpieces by various artists, including artists from Gubbio, which date mainly to the 16th century. In front of the cathedral stands the Palazzo Ducale, a ducal building which houses a reproduction of the small office of Federico da Montefeltro, the lord who commissioned the building of the palace. One of the most precious treasures of Gubbio and symbol of the city is the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo, the bishop patron saint of Gubbio. This elegant basilica was erected on the top of the Mount Ingino and holds the remains of the saint, together with the three Ceri. Outside the medieval walls surrounding the city, the impressive Roman theatre is the stunning setting for a rich summer theatre season.