Trasimeno Lake 1 day

The Lake Trasimeno is the third greatest lake in Italy and a gem in Umbria. A day trip is the perfect way to visit the lake and the beautiful villages lying on its shores: Castiglione del Lago, Passignano sul Trasimeno, San Feliciano and Tuoro. From here you can take a ferry to reach two of three isle risng on the lake. The biggest isle is the Isola Polvese, extending for approximately 70 hectars; it was declared accessible to visitors only in 1995. Here you can visit its fortress and the church of San Giuliano, or you could just enjoy the stunning view on the lake. The Isola Maggiore isle is the only one to house some inhabitants; you can take a relaxing stroll in the small hamlet, enjoy its beautiful sceneries and visit some religious sites, such as the charming Chapel of St Francis. The Isola Minore isle, on the other hand, cannot be visited because owned by private citizens. This isle is almost uncontaminated and its wide diversity of vegetation and animal life can thrive undisturbed. Passignano sul Trasimeno and Castiglione del Lago are two cosy towns worth a visit. These two medieval villages overlooking Lake Trasimeno’s shores are still perfectly kept and offer terrific views. Strolling down their alleys, you will find many restaurants proposing local cuisine, especially lake fish dishes.