Itinerari turistici


Seconda città più grande dell’Umbria, Terni è una città collocata nella Valserra, tra il torrente Serra ed il fiume Nera. La città è stata fondata nel 672 a.C e da questa data si sono succeduteContinua a leggere

Trasimeno Lake 1 day

The Lake Trasimeno is the third greatest lake in Italy and a gem in Umbria. A day trip is the perfect way to visit the lake and the beautiful villages lying on its shores: CastiglioneContinua a leggere

Gubbio 1 day

Our tour of Gubbio starts from the main town square, Piazza Grande: here, the majestic Palazzo dei Consoli, the symbol of this city, overlooks the square. Once the ancient centre of the city authorities duringContinua a leggere

La Scarzuola

La Scarzuola is a place located in Montegiove, in the province of Terni, known for the convent where St. Francis of Assisi lived, and the city-theater designed and built by Tomaso Buzzi. The name comesContinua a leggere

Marmore’s Falls data

Located about 7km away from Terni, the Marmore’s Falls stand majestically. Their name derives from salts of calcium carbonate present on the rocks, which make them look like white marble. The waterfall is among theContinua a leggere

Bevagna e Montefalco in 1 day

Bevagna, located in the western part of the valley, is a medieval village surrounded by ramparts, towers and bastions. Medieval gates and more recent openings, which give access to the old town centre, interrupt theContinua a leggere

Spello and Foligno in a day

Spello is one of the most breath-taking towns in Umbria, both from a naturalistic and urban point of view. This village still perfectly preserves its Roman past: the base of the medieval walls surrounding theContinua a leggere

Orvieto 1 day

Orvieto is a peculiar town built on the summit of a steep cliff, and this is why it never really expanded. Another particular characteristic of Orvieto is its geographic location, on the border of theContinua a leggere

Assisi in 1 day

Between Tupino and the stream that flows / adown the hill which blest Ubaldo chose, / a lofty mountain’s fertile slope impends, / from which Perugia feels at Porta Sole / both cold and heat;Continua a leggere

Perugia in 1 day

Perugia is a little treasure that gradually discloses its beauty to the eyes of tourists. While still retaining its peculiar medieval appeal, Perugia is an extremely lively city, thanks to the presence of two ofContinua a leggere