Ceri di Gubbio

The Festa dei Ceri takes place every year on May 15th in Gubbio, at the eve of St Ubaldo’s day, patron saint of the city. However, the word ceri (meaning “candle”) doesn’t really describe theseContinua a leggere

Perugia 1416

Perugia 1416 is a historical revival of the period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when the image of a new society becomes the model for an orderly social development, thanks to the economicContinua a leggere

Orvieto in Fiore

Orvieto in Fiore is the event that colours the districts of the city on Pentecost. The partition of the city took place in the 15th century, dividing it regularly into four districts starting from theContinua a leggere

Spello’s Infiorate

Spello’s Infiorate is a religious and artistic event that takes place in the charming town of Spello to celebrate the Corpus Domini feast. On this day, the fascinating alleys and delightful squares of Spello areContinua a leggere

Calendimaggio di Assisi

Calendimaggio is a traditional festival taking place in Assisi in May. It finds its roots back in the 14th century, when the two families of Nepis and Fiumi, which represented the Guelphs and Ghibellins factionsContinua a leggere

Palio de San Michele

The Palio di San Michele Arcangelo in Bastia Umbra begins in 1962with its first edition to celebrate the consecration of the new church to the patron saint of this lively Umbrian town. The then parishContinua a leggere

Giochi delle Porte

On the last week of September, Gualdo Tadino becomes the stage for the Giochi de le Porte. This event certainly originated from the ancient equestrian jousts that frequently took place in medieval Umbria to celebrateContinua a leggere

Corsa dell’Anello

«Madonne, Cavalieri et lo populo tucto» Ladies, Gentlemen and all the people – this is the opening announcement of the Corsa all’Anello, a medieval joust held in Narni every year from the last week ofContinua a leggere

St Rita of Cascia’s Day

ST RITA OF CASCIA’S DAY Each year on the 22nd of May, Cascia celebrates its patron saint Rita. This profoundly moving event is a true demonstration of the holiness and mysticism tied to this belovedContinua a leggere

Quintana Joust

The origins of Quintana date back to the Carnival of 1613, when a medieval joust took place in Foligno to solve a chivalric question regarding love, thus deciding “whether it was more appropriate for aContinua a leggere

Palio dei Terzieri

The Palio dei Terzieri of Città della Pieve is an historical re-enactment deeply rooted back in the Middle Ages. The terzieri, or quarters, are appointed for the first time in 1250 in the act ofContinua a leggere

Nero Norcia

Nero Norcia is the most important food and wine exhibition in Umbria. Since the early Fifties, black truffle becomes the protagonist in the town of Norcia during the last weekend of February and the firstContinua a leggere

Festival dei due Mondi

Spoleto’s Festival is an international festival celebrating music, art, culture and live performances. This event was born in 1958 thanks to the composer Gian Carlo Menotti, who chose Spoleto because of its two theatres. EachContinua a leggere

Gaite Market

The Gaite Market is the most famous event in Bevagna, taking place every year during the last week of June. The inspiration behind this event comes from the medieval division of this lovely village inContinua a leggere

Umbria Jazz

Umbria Jazz is the most famous Italian jazz festival that, since 1973, each July fills the squares of Perugia. From 1982, the festival registered an increasingly growing number of participants and thus the decision toContinua a leggere

Todi Festival

Todi Festival is a theatre, dance, music, literature and visual arts festival, conceived and founded in 1987 by Silvano Spada. This event established itself as one of the most important cultural festivals in Italy, thanksContinua a leggere

Fiorita di Casteluccio

From May to the beginning of July, the Plain of Castelluccio (Norcia) becomes the natural setting of the stunning annual show of the flowering. The bright colours of spring flowers interrupt the wide green pasturesContinua a leggere

Primi d’Italia

For eight years now, Foligno has hosted the Festival of Primi D’Italia, an event that aims to celebrate the great Italian culture of the first dishes. Of this fantastic national gastronomic show the real protagonistsContinua a leggere

Palio delle Barche

On the last Sunday in July, Passignano sul Trasimeno becomes the stage of the Palio delle Barche, a re-enactment of the events that took place during the war generated by the hostility between the familiesContinua a leggere

La Grifonissima

Grifonissima, a foot race taking place each year in May in the old town centre of Perugia, is the event of the year for all running enthusiast. It was founded in 1981 following the formatContinua a leggere

Fuga del Bove

The Escape of the Ox in Montefalco plunges its roots in the period of maximum splendor of the city, between the 15th and the 16th century. The current format of the festival has been inContinua a leggere


Since 1993, Perugia, home of Perugina chocolate factory and its most famous chocolate, the Bacio, welcomes gourmands from around the world with an international festival of chocolate. Eurochocolate is the brainchild of Eugene Guarducci –Continua a leggere

Coloriamo i Celi

Since 1991, Coloriamo i Cieli is an international kite event taking place in Castiglione del Lago during the first weekend of May, in the beautiful setting of Lake Trasimeno. This amazing three-day festival is theContinua a leggere

Open Cellars

Open Cellars is the most important appointment in Italy for wine tourism, which involves wineries that joined the Wine Tourism Movement. The event was created in 1993 by Magda Antonioli and Donatella Cinelli Colombini; theirContinua a leggere