Spiritual Umbria

Umbria is a region strongly associated with religion and spirituality. Along with christianity, this region gathered great saints, from St Francis to St Clare, St Valentine, St Scholastica and St Rita from Cascia. Umbria thusContinua a leggere

Umbria Shopping

  Umbria offers many options to shopping lovers: shopping cities, factory outlets and even first-class outlet villages. Valdichiana, located in Foiano della Chiana, is the closest outlet village to Umbria. Housing both factory discount outletsContinua a leggere


  Umbria, also referred to as the green heart of Italy, is the perfect place to escape from routine, discover art and history, and taste traditional cuisine. There is no better place to connect withContinua a leggere

Umbria Green Heart

There are many good reasons to call Umbria “The green heart of Italy”: a great part of its area is take up by lush parks and reserves, making this region a true natural sanctuary whereContinua a leggere