Festival change

by mirko

XX edition of Festival change which also this year wants to make people discover and rediscover hidden places in the Assisi area, accompanied by music that is difficult to listen to. The Palace Castle of Assisi  hosts the Cambio Festival 2019 Esposizioni section, with the photographic exhibition of Vinicius Drappo e Adriano Scognamillo and installations of Roberta Sensi.

On July 31st, in the splendid location of Astrid House, an exclusive event, with a breathtaking sunset with Elise Caluwaerts and Ô-Celli ”. 

On August 2nd there will be the evening Change!; on August 3 i Directed on Cuba and on August 4th, an evening of classical music and the Glazz Jazz Song Theater

On 9 August, at the Castle of Rocca Sant'Angelo, will go on stage "Open-air cinema" in collaboration with the Circolo del Paese and the Cinema Esperia. There will also be a guided tour of the Church of Santa Maria della Rocchicciola, embellished with frescoes from the 14709th - XNUMXth centuries, works by Bartolomeo Caporali, Orlando Merlini and others, including a Crucifix on a table (XNUMX by Matteo Gualdo.

On August 10, appointment at Sterpeto Castle with a performance of world music of international level, in front of the churchyard, a natural theater for outdoor music. There will be a visit to the Castle, which is extraordinarily open for Cambio Festival 2019.

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