Let's color the skies

by mirko

"Let's color the skies" is an event that takes place in Castiglione del Lago, surrounded by a unique and fascinating natural setting. Three days are dedicated to this meeting, an event that has become a Heritage of Italy for Tradition, assigned by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, suitable for the whole family that allows you to spend a day in company and to try your hand in one of the oldest and most fascinating games: flying a kite. Everything will be enriched by performances, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, guided tours and markets.

During the event, the sky above Lake Trasimeno literally turns into a whirlwind of bright colors thanks to thousands of kites of various shapes that will soar in the sky carried by the wind, to the delight of young and old.

The founders of the event identify themselves in a phrase by Jane Parker: "in the kite I have always seen a symbol of freedom, of joy, a message of peace carried by a wind that has no borders" whose purpose is to spread peace and promote environmental protection.

Today "Coloriamo i Cieli", has seen an increase in the participation of tourists, onlookers and many kites, uniting people from different countries and cultures. This increase has made it possible in recent editions to add stands of local companies alongside typical Trasimeno products.

This event called the "family party" is slowly becoming yet another example of the potential and wealth of our territory. 

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