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{: it}Perugia, home of Perugina and the most famous chocolate in the world, the Kiss, has been welcoming gourmands from all over the world since 1993 with the International Chocolate Festival.

Eurochocolate was born from the idea of ​​Eugenio Guarducci, as an event that shows the Italian and international chocolate tradition, involving tourists, chocolate producers, who exhibit their stands in the streets of the city. In October, during the event, events and shows are organized, animating the squares of the historic center of Perugia with tasting and performance itineraries. The program changes every year, but among the most important events, there is the show of the chocolate sculptures, where the sculptors work blocks of chocolate to obtain sculptures that will remain on display for all days of the event.

Eurochocalate World is a particular section dedicated to cocoa producers from all over the world such as Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, housed inside the Rocca Paolina, presenting their customs and their flavors.

Having become an excellence in the sector, Eurochocolate was chosen as Official Content Provider of the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster at Expo 2015. {:} {: en} Since 1993, Perugia, home of Perugina chocolate factory and its most famous chocolate, the Bacio, welcomes gourmands from around the world with an international festival of chocolate. Eurochocolate is the brainchild of Eugene Guarducci - an event held in October that shows both the traditional Italian and international chocolate making art. During the festival, chocolate manufacturers set up their stands all over the streets of the city. Events and live performances take place along with show and interactive tasting routes in the squares of the old town center of Perugia. The program changes every year, but some events remain the highpoint of this festival, such as the live chocolate sculpting show, where skilled sculptors work chocolate blocks to create sculptures displayed for the whole duration of the festival. Eurochocolate World is a special section housed in the Rocca Paolina, devoted to cocoa producers from around the world, such as Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Ghana. Here, the featured countries present the costumes and the flavors of their lands. Eurocholate is a must-go event for lovers of chocolate in all its shapes and forms! {:} {: Fr} Pérouse, pays d'accueil de l'entreprise "Perugina" et du chocolat le plus connu au monde, "Bacio" , depuis 1933 organized the Festival International du Chocolat here women the bienvenue à tous les gourmands du monde. Eurochocolat a été inventé par Eugenio Guarducci avec le but de créer une manifestation qui montre la tradition du chocolat italien et international et qui intéresse touristes, producteurs de chocolat, qui exposent leurs stands dans les rues de la ville. Au mois d'octobre, au cours de la manifestation, sont organisés événements, shows qui animent les places du center historique de Pérouse avec des itinéraires de dégustation et performances. Le program change chaque année, mais parmi les événements les plus connus on met en évidence le spectacle de sculptures de chocolat, dont les sculpteurs travaillent sur des bloques de chocolat pour le modeler et obtenir des sculptures qui résistent le long de la manifestation. Une autre manifestation c'est la "Eurochocolat Word", une particulière section dédiée aux producteurs de cacao qui viennent de toutes parties du monde as par exemple le Cameroun, Côte d'Ivoire et Ghana: ils exposent leurs produits à intérieur de la Rocca Paolina et ils présentent leurs costumes et saveurs. Ils est impossible de manquer à cet événement pour tous les amant du chocolat. {:}

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