Feast of Saint Rita of Cascia

by mirko

In Cascia on May 22 the feast of Santa Rita is celebrated, an extremely exciting event, which fully expresses the sacredness and mysticism created around the figure of the Umbrian saint. The events of the festivity begin in the sign of the celebration of the family; in memory of Rita's family life, lived in a Christian way with simplicity and industriousness, many families participate in the party, receiving as a gift a souvenir parchment and a rose. From 12 to 20 May, for a duration of nine days, the novena is held in which the faithful with ceremonies in the basilica prepare themselves spiritually for the feast. At the end of the celebrations there is the possibility of approaching the remains of the saint. On the Sunday before the feast there is an evocative procession called "Procession of the Banner" this devotional act was instituted by the Municipality of Cascia in 1731 as thanks for the protection of the then blessed of the protection of the city on the occasion of the earthquake of 1730. Later it was added to the procession the Processional Banner dated 1614, which was usually carried in procession on May 22 on the occasion of the feast of the saint. On May 20 the presentation of the San Rita International Recognition is held, annually they are awarded and presented by women who have particularly distinguished themselves in bringing the “Ritano message to the world. On the day of May 21, the grateful women receive a parchment that certifies their work as women from Rome, that is, for having brought dialogue and peace to the present day. The International Recognition of Saint Rita was established by the Municipality of Cascia in 1988. Also on the same day we remember the transit of Saint Rita, the moment in which the spirit of the saint returned from earthly life in the glory of the heavens. It is tradition that this event is accompanied by the torches that make up a unique and suggestive show, in this path lit by the fire a torchlight arrives on the square of the basilica to set fire to a votive brazier. The lighting ceremony is carried out by a representative of the twin city with Cascia. The day of May 22 is animated by a historical procession, in costume, the time in which the saint lived; at the end of this the pontifical in honor of Santa Rita is held in the basilica. At the end of this religious function there is the blessing of the roses, these are raised to the sky to receive the blessing of the officiant, with this event the celebrations for the feast of Santa Rita da Cascia are concluded.

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