Fiorita of Castelluccio

by mirko

During the summer period, specifically between May and the first days of July on the Piana di Castelluccio, near Norcia, you can witness the spectacle of nature that is renewed with all its strength; which vigorously re-proposes the warm season by defeating the cold winter. The flowery with its bright colors in this period interrupts the monochrome of the green pastures that characterize the plateau, along the Piano Grande, the Piano Piccolo and the Pian Perduto, for an area of ​​15 km ^ 2 a multitude of colorful flowers; such as violets, gentianella, poppies, buttercups, clovers, asphodels and buttercups. The flowering festival falls on the third and last Sunday of June. These dates do not give a precise dating to the flowering, because the blossoming of flowers depends only on the wishes of mother nature and the climate.
Along the plain in this period it is possible to make beautiful trekking excursions and long passages on horseback immersed in the luxuriant nature of Umbria.

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