Infiorate of Spello

by mirko

The infiorate of Spello are held on the occasion of the religious festival of Corpus Domini, these wonderful floral carpets that adorn the alleys and squares of the Umbrian town are created every year by various groups of "infioratori", the extension of these real works of art. art is about 1500 meters, the representations have a religious theme related to the feast of Corpus Domini.
The tradition of the infiorate in Spello was born in the first decades of the 1900s; there is evidence that a woman drawing a floral motif on the street so beautiful that it struck the inhabitants of the town, who in the following years continued the tradition, improving designs and artistic executions. So the purely religious tradition turned into a sort of competition among the best flowered carpets, initially the competition was of modest entity, as indeed the first prizes, but with the advent of the first sponsors the overall level went to increase.
Currently, cash prizes are awarded and the "Properzio Prize" which is awarded to the winning group of flower growers, consists of a small bronze statue depicting the Latin poet, this statue is kept for the whole year by the winners and returned the following year .
The event has been organized for about 40 years by Pro Spello and in recent years by the Infiorate di Spello association.

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