The Grifonissima

by mirko

The Grifonissima has now become the running event of the year. It was born in 1981 on the example of the Milanese that had been organized a short time before.

The aim was immediately to involve young people, students and amateur runners. La The event has seen an increase in the number of members, given the notoriety it has acquired as a sporting and social occasion.

There are two paths that can be followed. The first is a 3 km non-competitive course, free for students presented by the schools. The second is at a competitive level of 11 km, participation is individual and open to all those who have reached the age of majority, FIDAL members, Sports Promotion Bodies recognized by CONI or in possession of a declaration of eligibility to carry out athletics activities. at a competitive level. Both routes start from Corso Vannucci, and then end at the Santa Giuliana Municipal Stadium where a real moment of entertainment, refreshment and music takes place.

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