Palio de San Michele

by mirko

The Palio of San Michele Arcangelo of Bastia Umbra begins with the first edition in 1962, on the occasion of the consecration of the new church, dedicated to the patron saint of the Umbrian town.
The then parish priest Don Luigi Toppetti, together with some boys, ide this representation is enough on the folklore and the show to be combined with the ceremonies for the religious anniversary.
The city was divided into four districts; Rione San Rocco in green, Rione Moncioveta in red, Rione Sant'Angelo in yellow and Rione Portella in blue. Initially the challenge was based only on the «Lizza», a relay race held on the square of Bastia; then in 1965, thanks to an initiative of some young people, full of creativity and spirit of initiative, the fashion shows were conceived.
These shows are judged by a national level jury in the entertainment sector.
Since 1969 the games have been added, Palo della Cuccagna, «Muratore» and Tiro alla tiro, which complete what would later become the current format of the party.
In 1995 the Ente Palio di San Michele was officially established.
The victory of the Palio is attributed to the district that has reached a higher sum of points in the various races.

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