Palio of the Boats

by mirko

On the last Sunday of July in Passignano sul Trasimeno the Palio delle Barche takes place, a historical re-enactment of the war events concerning hostility between the Perugian families of the Oddi and Baglioni. Specifically, an episode that took place in 1495 is recalled when in Passignano, a handful of soldiers belonging to the Oddi family had to flee, with boats on their shoulders, from the armed men of the Corgna and Baglioni families.

The Paliesca competition is between the four districts of the town, the Old Town, the Centro Nuovo or Centro Due, the Oliveto and the San Donato. The challenge consists of three competitions, in the first the boats compete in the waters of the lake until the arrival of the town pier, from there the second phase starts, boats on their shoulders the crews launch into a race between the alleys and the stairs of the country, and then returning to the lake I resume the race in the water that will find its conclusion. In the seventh preceding the challenge, Passignano comes alive by offering the visitor costume shows and historical representations; moreover, taverns are set up where it is possible to taste the typical dishes of Lake Trasimeno. In the days from Monday to Thursday the tests of the individual districts taking part in the competition take place while the General Test is held on Friday. On Saturday evening the challenge of the lords of the districts who meet in the square is launched. The district that holds the Palio challenges the others to a new race.

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