by mirko

The Todi Festival was conceived and founded in 1987 by Silvano Spada, this festaival is characterized by being a festival of theater, dance, music, literature and visual arts.
Thanks to the high level achieved, the event has over time established itself as one of the most important cultural events at national level.
Until 1998 the direction was handled by Silvano Spada, in the following years important names have alternated, such as: Simona Marchini from 1999 to 2007 changing the name to TodiArteFestival, then in the two-year period 2008-2009 to Maurizio Costanzo, in 2010 to Stefano Porri and finally in 2011-2012 to Emiliano Leonardi and Giulio Castrica.
From 2013 to 2015 the artistic direction returned to Silavno Spada and the event took on the name of Todi Festival.
The 2016 edition, celebrating the thirtieth anniversary, was curated by the artistic direction of Eugenio Guarducci, defined by Spada as his successor, the organization and management of the event were followed by the Agenia Sedicieventi and the general management of Diana of the Old.
Over the years, the Todi Festival has paid a lot of attention to innovations, sometimes resulting even outside the traditional schemes, giving space to what is the new Italian dramaturgy.
The innvoatova reality of the event, and the far-sighted artistic direction, brings to the fore new actors, authors and directors; classical dramaturgy re-proposed together with modern texts created specifically for the festival, giving rise to a phenomenon of interplay between various themes and cultural themes that give the Todi Festival its uniqueness by enhancing the dramaturgical performances, even first, by Italian and international authors.
Over the years the Festival has hosted actors and authors who are protagonists of the Italian show from Mario Scaccia to Anna Proclemer, from Giorgio Albertazzi to Pupella Maggio, from Carla Fracci to Roberto Bolle and brought to the fore new talents such as Giulio Scarpati, Vincenzo Salemme to Pino Strabioli, Claudio Santamaria, Manuela Mandracchia, Gaia Aprea, Flavio Insinna, Gabriele Cirilli.

The artistic direction of Eugenio Guarducci, inaugurates a new course of the Festival, a new course of the Festival opens thanks to the contamination with other genres, arts and knowledge in addition to prose and national premieres.

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