Spoleto in 1 day

by mirko

Spoleto is crossed by history, which mark the city as if it were an open-air museum. Let's start with our daily visit from the Rocca overlooking the city, this majestic fortress commissioned by Cardinal Egidio Albornoz, testifies to the long hegemony of the popes over the city, which was previously the capital of the Lombard kingdom in the VI-VIII century.

The Rocca is divided into two large parts, the one called the courtyard of honor, where the National Museum of the Duchy is located and a large space that can host events, exhibitions or other events; the other and the parade ground a real open-air theater.

From the Rocca it is possible to cross and visit the Ponte della Torri that connects the fortress to Monteluco, this majestic bridge, unique of its kind, is 230 meters long and 82 meters high, dated around 1200, built after the sacking of Spoleto by Federico Barbarossa.

Coming down from the Rocca on our path that will lead us to the Duomo; there are several monuments of interest, such as the Church of Sant'Ansano and the Crypt of Sant'Isacco, the Arch of Drusus and Germanicus.

Once in Piazza del Mercato it is possible to admire the building that was the seat of power in Spoleto Palazzo Leti Sensi.

Finally we arrive in the fantastic setting of the Piazza del Duomo where the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta stands majestically, a typical example of Umbrian Romanesque, but which inside, as in a casket, houses frescoes by Pinturicchio and Filippo Lippi.

In a chapel there is the Letter to Frate Leone, an autographed writing by St. Francis of Assisi written in 1222.

Another pearl of Spoleto is the basilica of San Salvatore, recognized by Unesco as a world heritage site in 2011.

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