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What to see in Assisi

All Assisi lives in the name of St. Francis, so much so that it is, even physically, enclosed between the two poles of its holiness, the basilica of San Francesco and that of Santa Chiara, his greatest follower.

The aspect that the city still preserves today is that defined by the medieval walls, with the beautiful churches, the frescoes of incalculable value, the system of alleys that make each glimpse unique and characteristic.

Walking through its streets allows you to embark on a real spiritual journey, on the trail of one of the most loved and appreciated saints for the modernity of his message of peace and simplicity; a spiritual journey that is enriched, just outside the walls, with those places that Francis chose to establish a more intimate conversation with God through the solitary contemplation of the beauty of creation. A beautiful nature is, in fact, that which frames Assisi and which corresponds to the heritage of Natural Park of Mount Subasio with olive groves, cypress trees, holm oak and oak woods up to the wide pastures of the summit.

Archaeological Assisi and city of art

The city is not only a destination for spiritual and religious tourism but has routes of great interest for lovers of history, archeology and of course art. In fact, Umbrian and Roman Assisi was a city sacred to the waters and often in its basements it preserves impressive remains of its most ancient past.

For art lovers, the city offers the opportunity to find, miraculously gathered together, the most important artists of medieval Europe and above all of Italy: from the master glassmakers from beyond the Alps,CimabueGiotto, Simone Martini, Lorenzetti together with all those anonymous architects, sculptors and artists who came together in Assisi to celebrate San Francesco.

Not to be missed in Assisi

  • Inside the walls: Santa Chiara   crucifix of San Damiano and the Tomb of the saint - Places of the childhood of San Francesco (New church and Oratory of San Francesco Piccolino) - Piazza del Comune with the Roman temple of Minerva - Roman Forum Museum (under the square and accessible from Via Portica are the remains of the so-called Piazza del Foro of the Umbrian-Roman city) - Cathedral of San Rufino e House of Santa Chiara (inside the Romanesque cathedral are the imported remains of the terracing structures of the ancient city with a beautiful cistern under the bell tower - the baptismal font of San Francesco and the Diocesan Museum of the crypt of San Rufino) - Santa Maria Maggiore with the remains of the Domus by "Properzio" - Domus of the Lararium under Palazzo Giampè and the Cardinal's palace - Basilica of San Francesco with its two churches "lower" and "upper" and the Tomb with the burial of the saint.
  • Outside the Walls: Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli with the PortiunculaChapel of the Transit, the Rose Garden Route, the Rose Chapel, the Museum - Hermitage of the Prisons Convent of San Damiano - Rivotorto

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