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Bevagna is located on the western side of the Umbrian Valley in one of the most famous districts for the beauty and richness of its countryside, the famous “Terre del Sagrantino”, a few kilometers from Foligno and Montefalco; and the grace and harmony of the landscape are followed by the grace and harmony of the inhabited area, a small medieval-looking village, surrounded by the curtain of the ancient walls next to which the Clitunno river flows.
In Roman times the town must have been of greater importance because it was located along what was considered the main branch of the Via Flaminia; and in fact there are many archaeological remains that have been preserved through the Middle Ages, incorporated and reused inside churches or houses: the ancient theater, the baths with mosaics, reticulated walls, bas-reliefs, columns and capitals.

The main square is of great effect, with the two Romanesque churches facing each other but with different alignments and with the volumes rotated relative to each other; the particular arrangement of the buildings - from which the ancient town hall is not exempt - each on its own different axis, creates a truly brilliant game of visuals: at every step it seems that the square of Bevagna is able to renew itself and surprise the viewer.
Walking through the streets and getting lost in the alleys, you become aware of a particular charm that this village has and that belongs to its monuments but also to the unique character of its inhabitants who are the first to be in love with their own town; this is why they live and animate Bevagna with a great passion, just come to town in June when the Mercato delle Gaite (the neighborhood market) is "celebrated", by far one of the most beautiful and historically accurate medieval re-enactments.

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