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Gubbio retains all the characteristics of an enchanted city, almost asleep at the foot of that Monte Ingino which since its origins has been the place of the sacred, where the most important ceremonies are carried out; as it happens in the “Corsa dei Ceri” on May 15th, an extraordinary and ancient festival that is renewed every year with an enthusiasm that has never subsided: three wooden cars are rushed by an immense multicolour crowd of "ceraioli" from the city below to the Basilica of sant Ubaldo precisely on the top of the mountain.

The charm of this city is already in the paths in the ancient connecting routes: there is a solitary and absolute nature with a view that sweeps from above, conquering deep perspectives, marked by the line of a fantastic succession of hills and mountains that fade making us feel like in flight. Dante had noticed that, celebrating San Francesco, he tells us about the beauty of a path that he gives Gubbio arrives at Perugia to culminate to Assisi.

When you get closer and contemplate the overall view of Gubbio, its perfectly orchestrated scenography reveals itself: the fourteenth-century Palazzo dei Consoli that like a giant groups all around the town, the ancient walls, the unity and harmony of the exclusive use of a beautiful light stone that contrasts against the blue of the sky and the green all around.

The paths that move within this town seem to take us back in time: the past is tangible not only in the main buildings, churches and palaces of power, but in every single house on whose walls it is possible to read the unfolding of history.

… Not to be missed

  • Church of San Francesco with the frescoes by Ottaviano Nelli and the house of the Spadalonga
  • Loggia of the Lanari and the old quarter of the Lana with the church of San Giovanni
  • District of S. Martino along the "Camignano"
  • the fourteenth-century project of the Piazza Grande with the palaces of power: Palace of the Consuls   Museum (Tables of Gubbio)Praetorian Palace e Ranghiasci-Brancaleoni Palace
  • Area of ​​the Cathedral, Diocesan Museum and del Ducal Palace with the Hanging Gardens
  • Ranghiasci-Brancaleoni Park and neighborhood in the area of ​​San Domenico
  • Via dei Consoli: Bargello Palace e Fountain of the Fools  

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