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What to see in Orvieto

Orvieto is captured in an instant, in an overall look that captivates the traveler even before entering, to explore the grandeur of its millenary history. Still and silent, this medieval-looking town seems almost a natural continuation of the imposing cliff on which it rests. And it is this overall character, given by the almost exclusive use of the same burnished tuff on which it develops, combined with the perched position that gives the city the appearance of a real bulwark, bridgehead and control between different civilizations. Its entire history confirms this first impression: capital for the Etruscans with the name of Velzna / Volsini, the papal city par excellence for the control of Central Italy.

It is really a shame not to stay in Orvieto for at least one day just long enough to discover its squares with the grandeur of its monuments and then leave them in search of alternative routes, between alleys, noble palaces and churches that reveal treasures that we would not have imagined. .

Archeology also reserves the most beautiful surprises as it enters the underground areas of the city: Etruscan wells, necropolis whose materials you can find from the main "papal" families.

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