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What to see in Perugia

Perugia combines the charm of a millenary history with its decidedly cosmopolitan character; the elegant and monumental historic center is dominated by the beautiful square and the superb panoramic views, and constitutes the stage of a public life whose great vitality owes much to the presence of the prestigious University for Foreigners.

Located in the heart of the peninsula, the city has also been strategic with respect to the succession of history, so a walk through its ancient streets is enough to have the impression of traveling through the centuries; the Rocca Paolina with its basements could alone be enough to reveal the impressive stratifications and the alternation of the different eras.

For archeology enthusiasts, a city itinerary reserves some real surprises, with the imposing walls of the third century. BC on which the upper city rests with the two monumental gates - unique for their integrity and beauty - to the remains of the acropolis, buried under the Cathedral, to end with a truly rich and exciting museum.

The Middle Ages saw Perugia, the Papal city, at the peak of its importance: Giovanni and Nicola Pisano built the beautiful fountain in the square in 1278, which was followed by the construction of the Palazzo dei Priori with its imposing and elegant forms at the same time; in the meantime the city extends with the villages to go beyond the limit of the Etruscan city.

In the Renaissance the city hosted artists of great importance from Gentile da Fabriano to Beato Angelico, Piero della Francesca, Perugino, Pinturicchio, Signorelli and Raffaello to name only the most important, whose works are still present in the National Gallery as in his churches or in the "places of power".

Artistic suggestions and particular and unique views, where the walls tell the story, landscape views capable of taking your breath away, celebrated even by Dante Alighieri and Carducci, make Perugia a surprising and unique city: only its shyness and the reserve of its inhabitants have so far removed it from major tourism.

… Not to be missed

  • Fourth November Square Palazzo dei Priori, seat of the National Gallery of Umbria Umbria's most important museum
  • Exchange College with the frescoes by Perugino
  • la Fontana maggiore, a masterpiece by Giovanni and Nicola Pisano
  • la Cathedral of San Lorenzo
  • Vannucci Course
  • la Rocca Paolina with the city of Baglioni and Porta Marzia
  • Italy Square and the Carducci gardens
  • Borgo San Pietro with the Church of San Domenico (the Archaeological Museum is located in the ancient Convent)
  • Church of St. Peter
  • Oratory of San Bernardino and San Francesco to the lawn
  • Church of Sant'Angelo
  • Porta Sole and Chapel of San Severo.

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