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Spello was founded by the Umbrians and then was called Hispellum in Roman times. It was declared by Caesar "Splendidissima Colonia Julia".
The remains of the walls, much wider in the past than we can admire today, attest to the greatness that the city had, as well as the archaeological remains that surround it. Devastating for Spello was the descent into Italy of the Barbarians who reduced it to a poor hamlet. In the Lombard and Frankish ages it was part of the Duchy of Spoleto, before passing to the Papacy. However, the town, mindful of the prosperity and relative autonomy it enjoyed in Roman times, soon became a free municipality with its own laws. In 1516 the town was given by the Pope to the Baglioni family from Perugia to which it belonged until 1648.

In the fourth century Spello was a bishopric and in the early Middle Ages - with other neighboring dioceses now suppressed - it was part of the vast diocese of Spoleto for a very long time. Spello is currently integrated into the diocese of Foligno.

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