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What to see in Spoleto

Spoleto is a succession of images that we would like to take away so much they are beautiful and full of meaning: there is that of the majestic Ponte delle Torri, ten magnificent arches that connect the woods of Monteluco to the city crowned by the bulk of its Fortress to represent an intimate relationship between human work and the enchantment of nature; then there is the perfect scenography of the Piazza del Duomo with the stairway that descends and the view that suddenly opens onto the Romanesque facade of the most important church in the city with the elegant buildings all around.

It is no coincidence that, struck by the perfect harmony and beauty of architecture, alleys, panoramic terraces and noble squares, Giancarlo Menotti chose this city as the "Capital of Culture" to stage the Festival dei Due Mondi: an opportunity, again today very greedy, despite the passing of the years, to attend performances of opera, theater, dance, thanks to the charm of the city.
To justify the monumental conception that animates Spoleto there is its history that makes it a strategic center and territorial reference point through the centuries, from the Roman era and in relation to the construction of the Via Flaminia, to the Longobard one when it was elected city ducal and then for the whole period from the Middle Ages to the unification of Italy as a papal city. Its position between the two directions of the Umbrian Valley and the Valnerina allows it to dominate some of the most evocative views: the gentle undulations that lead to Montefalco with its rich countryside and at the same time the wilder nature of the woods, dark with holm oaks of the "Monte Sacro", the Monteluco.

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