Axis Kitchens

by mirko

Axis Kitchens

Axis Cucine designs and manufactures classic and modern modular kitchens in Umbria. This land with various shades of green of morphological and landscape features, is not by chance called the "green heart of Italy". A protected and protected environmental heritage.

Craftsmanship and Art go hand in hand, both have their roots over the centuries, handing down the secrets of processing in the ancient artisan workshops from generation to generation.
Axis Cucine was born in this reality, it feeds on the spiritus loci and transforms what it lives into what it creates: Made in Italy acquires new meanings.

Under the guidance of a new entrepreneurial generation, Axis Cucine vigorously carries on the experience of 50 years of activity with the intention of pursuing a process of continuous improvement, based on the expertise, experience and tradition that, today, allows it. to compete with the most prestigious brands in the industry

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