DEA Lighting

by mirko

DEA Lighting

DEA lighting is a family business !!! His name DEA, in fact, is the acronym of Degli Esposti Aldo, the GRANDFATHER. The company's philosophy has always been quality, professionalism, customer care and the belief, with conviction and strength, that lighting is form, feeling and that it should arouse emotions.

In its 50 years of life it has therefore gone through three generations, or from DEA (Degli Esposti Aldo), passing through La Dea con Giuseppina, the MOTHER. Today, but not from today, the soul, strength and image of DEA is Cristina Degli Esposti, the DAUGHTER, who will be tomorrow to prepare the witness for the fourth generation, who will continue, with humility and commitment, to write the pages of a company and family history.

But the greatest merit goes to customers, professionals, companies, collaborators and all those who have allowed us to establish ourselves, allow us and will allow us to be close to you for your and our satisfaction. The appointment is in our showroom, to think, design and create your light!

For any request visit our website
Internet or by e-mail: info@dea

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