by mirko

Refined Metallic Structures For Civil And Industrial Construction Uses. Creative Development Of Customized Solutions For Every Strength And Toughness Need! Pay Special Attention To Our Achievements, Thanks In Advance!

Design, beauty and brightness give our structures an artistic touch, which combined with the known resistance, toughness and flexibility of steel, allow the realization of simple or bold thoughts!

Overall analysis and study of the details are the basis of the approach for each work to be carried out. Cutting, drilling, assembly, protective treatment, customizations, these are the fundamental steps to create a structural (art) work. Reconversion, adaptation, improvement, restyling of existing works, giving new personality to the old structures.

For any request visit our website http://www.tecnotaddei.it/ or by e-mail: info@tecnotaddei.it

Viale delle Industrie 13, 06038 Spello (PG) Tel. +39 0742 65151

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