Urbis Real Estate

by mirko

Urbis Real Estate

For over 25 years the Urbis real estate agency has been operating in the real estate market of Assisi and Umbria.

The URBIS brand was born in 1994 from the will of two schoolmates, both surveyors, who were able to skillfully identify and select important professionals in the real estate sector in the area by founding the current Urbis real estate agency.

Urbis real estate has remained a "traditional" agency where there are no switchboard operators who call and call back for market surveys and / or to propose the sale of a property; deals with one of the most famous Historical Centers in the world and its territory and they do not have to propose properties, but properties of certain value, often also affective, since affection is also an important component of our existence.

Urbis real estate is an agency of enthusiasts who are still able to get excited in front of a exposed stone wall or in front of a ruined arch and with this passion they assist and accompany customers in one of the most important paths: the purchase of their own home.

Precise organizational criteria, high professionalism, innovative tools, a network of cutting-edge services and a constant commitment of the whole team, ensure the customer a complete service ideal to satisfy all moments related to the sale.


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