Migliosi wines

by mirko

Thanks to an accurate redevelopment and selection work, the vineyards are now able to produce high quality grapes with which the fine wines typical of the Assisi area are obtained. To ensure the highest quality level, the grapes are hand-picked and selected with cutting-edge technologies directly in the cellar. Furthermore, the entire production is in the process of being converted into ORGANIC in order to enhance and certify the intact beauty and authenticity of the territory.


The stretch of plain that divides the last slopes of Mount Subasio from the offshoots of the town of Santa Maria degli Angeli is still intact, with the exception of a few rural buildings from the medieval era. The Tescio stream that crosses it flows placidly towards the nearby Chiascio river to become a tributary at the height of the former Benedictine monastery of S. Paolo delle Abbadesse.

The toponym Ponte Rosso that names a stretch of this plain clearly refers to the stream and the bridge of the same name that allows for the ford.
This portion of the countryside has always been linked to the production of local wines, the white and red of Assisi, once excellent wines without blazon which, a few years ago, obtained the recognition of their quality level with the DOC. A few years ago the Migliosi family, for a long time among the most shrewd and qualified local producers, acquired a splendid estate in the locality in question, the Ponte Rosso, with prestigious vineyards and excellent exposure.
Dominated by the imposing bulk of the Sacred Convent of San Francesco and with a spectacular view of the town of Assisi, the estate winds its way along the valley near the stream.

Last but not least, exactly at the beginning of 2020, the Migliosi family decided to acquire vineyards in Gualdo Cattaneo, in the DOC area of ​​Montefalco, thus starting the production of two new red wines: Rosso di Montefalco DOC ( a blend) and Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG (100% Sagrantino). Montefalco and the surrounding area are undoubtedly the most prestigious wine area of ​​Umbria and Sagrantino is becoming more and more popular both in Italy and abroad for its uniqueness due to this ancient blend impossible to find elsewhere in the rest of Italy.

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