by mirko

The Zubboli company in Assisi is one of the oldest companies operating in the Umbrian city and carries out its activity in the sectors of letterpress printing, chalcography, paper decoration with the old method of marbling on tub, art bookbinding and works on leather and leathers. The business has been handed down from generation to generation by the Zubboli family since 1870.
Inside the shop located in Piazza del Comune, in the center of Assisi, you can find, in addition to everything that the laboratory produces, the historic historical bookshop, specialized in tourist guides, medieval history texts, late Roman history and art until the 16th century.

Our company offers products made with the traditional methods of typography, chalcography, bookbinding and bookbinding. Among the paper products there are writing papers, tickets, labels and place cards with special decorations also in gold made with paper from Fabriano, Fredigoni, Magnani.
For the bookbinding products we offer diaries, address books, albums, folders, pencils, notebooks, fine leather-bound and hand-sewn notebooks, canvas diaries and many others.
Furthermore, our historic library is full of guides, books on art, history, philosophy and Franciscan literature, as well as many texts in English. Enthusiasts will be able to find several unique volumes.

For any request visit our website https://www.zubboli.com//

or by e-mail: info@zubboli.com


Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/libreriazubboli


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