Horse riding in Umbria

by mirko

Umbria offers natural landscapes that seem created, for those who want to get away from the noise of the city and enjoy a horseback ride, along white roads or paths surrounded by greenery, where the only surrounding noise is the sound of hooves. Usually the itineraries are organized by riding schools, so it is better to consult the site of the structure closest to you.

One of the areas it has to offer from this point of view is Città della Pieve. Horseback riding enthusiasts can take the Via di Stade or Via dell'Alpe di Serra, and it is an ancient Germanic Roman road, which crosses the village and starts from Stade, near Hamburg, passing through Innsbruck, Bolzano, Venice, Ravenna, Arezzo, Viterbo, up to Rome. The "Pievese" section is not demanding and allows you to admire along the way the Hermitage of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the fortified village of Salci which was once a papal fief and the parish church of San Leonardo. In the village of Salci, the naval engineer Achille Piazzai was born, father of the Rex ocean liner of the XNUMXs, which was evoked by Federico Fellini in the film Amarcord.
Another proposed itinerary is Città della Pieve-Monteleone d'Orvieto which crosses the Fosso Nestorello and despite being only 400 m high, allows you to admire an alpine landscape of conifers and beeches. Then go up to Posasso and continue towards Fargneta, until you reach the church of the Santissimo Crocifisso in Monteleone di Orvieto.

In the surroundings of Todi, horseback riding is indicated within Monte Peglia. A first route crosses the Torrepiera Woods, where you can reach the foot of the Montemolino towers in an hour and a half. The route Along the Tiber is of the same duration, where you head towards the town of Pian di San Martino and go upstream along the banks of the river to return to the starting point.
Of double duration compared to the previous ones are the path of the Canonica where you enter the woods and reach the Ponte di Pontecuti, and it is in this fraction of the Municipality of Todi that the section of the Dead Tiber is found, with a low speed of the currents . From this point you can discover splendid views over the city of Todi. Arrived at the Canonica locality, go back down and go back to the starting point. The other route is the Dam on the Tiber, you move towards Monte Molino and following the banks of the river, you arrive at an artificial lock and then continue up to Madonna del Piano.

Other itineraries are offered within the Sibillini Mountains Park even for several days, where it is possible to stay in refuges and farmhouses, to taste typical products and local dishes.

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