Kitesurfing in Umbria

by mirko

Kitesurfing is a sailing sport born in 1999 as a variant of surfing. Unlike windsurfing, it can also be practiced in light winds, allowing tricks, accelerations and speeds.

Lake Trasimeno allows the practice of this sport thanks to a school: Kitemaniak Lago Trasimeno born in 2009 and recognized nationally by the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) and internationally IKO. There are several courses it offers:

  • Discovery: introduction to the traction kite, ground handling with kite, material set up, safety rules and wind intensity and effects.
  • Intermediate: self rescue, royal kite piloting, body drag, board starts.
  • independent: navigation and improvement.
  • Private lessons: safety and regulations, first jumps, freestyle, physical preparation, kite camp in Italy, Europe and Kenya.

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