Paragliding in Umbria

by mirko

In Umbria it is possible to soar in the air with paragliding and hang gliding, the equipped places where it is possible to jump are: Colfiorito Monte Pennino, Castelluccio di Norcia, Tre Pizzi Monte Gemmo and above all Monte Subasio in Assisi. It is possible to rely on organizations that manage organized flights with an instructor, or if you are an expert, follow the directions for the various locations available on the network or near the tourism offices of the individual municipalities. Various gradients that can be tackled, different breathtaking views of the Umbrian landscape; Here are some details for each flight area.

Castelluccio di Norcia and Monti Sibillini: the numerous take-off and landing possibilities are able to offer a privileged view of the plateau. Flying over it represents a unique emotion for lovers of free flight, especially in the flowering season which is able to give spectacular shades of color.

Monte Subasio: starting from one of the slopes of Subasio exposed favorably to the winds, you will have the opportunity to fly over the beautiful city of Assisi, coming to see Lake Trasimeno and the Apennines in the distance. The landing area is planned in the Rivotorto di Assisi area.

Monte Pennino in Colfiorito: Monte Pennino is located on the regional border between Umbria and Marche. Here you can fly over the so-called 'Plateau of silence' of Colfiorito, an important treasure trove of biodiversity.

Monte Cucco: this area boasts very favorable orographic and meteorological conditions that make take-offs and landings easy and make this mountain an ideal training ground for both beginners and top level experts. Not surprisingly, Monte Cucco has been chosen several times as the venue for important national and international competitions, including the hang gliding world championships. The take-off locations are located in the Sigillo area.

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