Fishing in Umbria

by mirko

Another activity that you can enjoy in Umbria is fishing, there are many places and waters where you can dedicate yourself to this sport.

It varies from fly fishing to carp fishing from still fishing to spinnig.

Paradise for fly fishing is the Nera river, we find long stretches of no-kill where it is possible to undermine the beautiful brown trout and other salmonids.

For carpfisfing there are numerous natural lakes including Trasimeno, Corbara, Alviano, Piediluco, Fiorenzuola and finally the Tiber river which hosts the great Cyprinids for almost all of its journey in the regional territory. In these same environments the feeder and still fishing are also very profitable, for the latter in Umbertide there is the famous international competition field. Other rivers that lend themselves to most of the techniques are the Chiascio and the Topino.

As far as spinnig is concerned, Lake Trasimeno and Piediluco are undoubtedly the best spots to undermine the big pikes and Black bass.

In the waters of Umbria the fish found are:

Bleak, Eel, Po's barb, Danube's barb, Spanish barbel, Tiberine barbel, Crucian carp, Common chub, Etruscan chub, Lasca, Pike, Zander, Perch, Perch, Perch Trout, Catfish, Rudd, Catfish, Grayling, Tench, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout.

To fish in Umbria, the national type B fishing license is sufficient.

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