Rafting in Umbria

by mirko

In our splendid region it is also possible to do rafting, there are two itineraries or the descent of the Corno river from Serravalle di Norcia or of the Nera starting directly under the Marmore waterfalls.

As far as the Corno river is concerned, it is necessary to contact "Rafting Umbria" which has its headquarters in Serravalle di Norcia, from there the descent of the river by rubber dinghy starts, offering two different routes lasting about 2 hours and for a length of 7 km .

The experience on the Nera is managed by "Rafting Marmore" the descent winds for more than 3 km the route faces different degrees of difficulty, however also suitable for the less experienced, the boarding is truly suggestive it starts under the Marmore Falls , the highest waterfalls in Europe.

Both organizations provide all theoretical and technical support for the descent.

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