by mirko

Webcam Castelluccio di Norcia and Pian Grande

Castelluccio di Norcia rises inside the Sibillini Mountains Natural Park at an altitude of 1452 meters, making it one of the highest urban centers of the Apennines.
The small Umbrian village perched on the plateau of Castelluccio, in the past it was a castle used to defend the borders and control the pastures. After the earthquake that hit the area in 2016, its historic center was almost totally destroyed. Watch the live webcam of the Pian Grande plain.

Flowering on the Castelluccio plain

Between spring and summer, the plain of Castelluccio, which includes Pian Grande and Pian Perduto, is the scene of the spectacular event of flowering. The whole plateau is filled with colors thanks to the famous flowers lentils as well as poppiesdaffodils e violets that flood the pastures, creating a colorful and very suggestive landscape.