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Piediluco Lake webcam

What to see at Piediluco Lake

Piediluco lake is located in central Italy: on its shores stands the village of Piediluco, a fraction of Terni. Located on the south-eastern offshoots of Umbria, with a branch that borders on Lazio, the Piediluco lake, even if with a width of 1,85 km², can be considered the largest natural lake basin in the region after Trasimeno. The name seems to be able to be interpreted as "at the foot of the sacred wood". Together with the Lungo, Ripasottile and Ventina lakes located in the province of Rieti, it represents one of the remains of the ancient Lacus Velinus, a large basin of alluvial origin which formed starting from the Quaternary.

Weather Piediluco Lake

Look at the weather forecast of the main towns of Lake Piediluco and find out what the weather will be like in the next 7 days with minimum and maximum temperatures.

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