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What to see at Lake Trasimeno

No panorama is able to represent Umbria like that of Lake Trasimeno with its suspended atmospheres and its enchanting light, so much so that it was chosen as the ideal background for so much painting of the Umbrian Renaissance, from Perugino who was born in this very land, a Città della Pieve and from his school as well as from Pinturicchio.
Art and nature therefore reflect and recall each other in this which is one of the most fascinating naturalistic contexts of the peninsula: Lake Trasimeno, the third largest in Italy in size, has no volcanic but tectonic - alluvial origins and is by its nature a delicate and fragile ecosystem, protected by the establishment of the relative park; yet despite the enormous tourist potential it has preferred to remain almost on the sidelines in order to keep its naturalistic and historical heritage intact. Compared to other lakes, even considerably smaller, Trasimeno is distinguished by a very discreet human presence, as well as by the medieval villages which are often preserved intact in truly marvelous panoramic positions and with truly surprising art treasures. Following the route that from Magione continues towards lake mountain, San Feliciano, San Savino to get to Castiglione del Lago it is a succession of ever new glimpses and perspectives towards the lake and its three islands: as you proceed you discover the lake and first the Polvese Island appear in succession, then the other two, the “Maggiore” and the “Minore”. The peace that reigns along its banks is incredible, the possibility of looking out and contemplating the sun reflected on the large serene surface.

… Not to be missed

  • Along its banks: Magione (Castle of the Knights of Malta) - Mount of the Lake - San Feliciano - Oasis "La valle" - Castiglione del Lago - Passignano
  • The three islands: Polvese, "Maggiore" island, "Minore" island
  • In view of the lake: Panicale and Sanctuary of Mongiovino, Città della Pieve, Paciano

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